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Why Panthers Fans are the Real MVP?

Dab! Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Panthers have been going on a very special season bringing along the fans for the ride. Panthers fans know how truly special this season has been for the Panthers despite previous season struggles. So many special moments occurred at Bank of America Stadium.

The attendance of the fans is the biggest reason for the victories. According to the Panthers twitter, "The fan is the most valuable member of our team." That couldn't be anymore true.

The true fans are always at the Stadium early cheering on the team as they warm-up and come out the tunnel. They are always at the game even when weather is not the nicest. Rain or shine, the fans will be there supporting their favorite team.

In addition, the Panthers fans are there to take part in every snap. That is cheering the team on and collaborating with other fans about whether the play should have happened or not. Several fans like to think they are the coach and pick which players should play and which plays don't work. I for one am guilty of this too.

The best part is seeing the fans waiting at the stadium when the Panthers are traveling back from an away game. Win or lose, the support never goes away. Keep Pounding.

The fans give the team light when there is only darkness. There is a reason why Cam Newton is 8-0 at home. It is the fans that give him the confidence to keep balling.