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Roger Goodell Thinks Fans Do Not Fully Understand the Leagues Problems With Punishments

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Roger Goodell addressed the media on Friday and told fans that their is a misunderstanding among those who criticize the league and its problems dealing with punishments related to domestic violence and touchdown celebrations. He feels that viewers can not fully understand the way the NFL handles discipline.

"I understand the public's misunderstanding of those things and how that can be difficult for them to understand how we get to those positions," Goodell said. "But those are things that we have to do. I think it's a lot deeper and a lot more complicated than it appears, but it gets a lot of focus."

In 2014 the NFL came up with a mandatory rule that there be a six-game ban for a first domestic-violence offense. However, Brown has only been suspended for one game after he was found guilty of domestic abuse.

The NFL continues to run with its priorities all out of wack. The league officials have spent the majority of their time cracking down on touchdown celebrations with less focus on the players that are getting speared in the head. There has been a steady stream of fines handed out the first six weeks of football.

Goodell comments on how the league is supposed to be professional:

"You have to dress in a certain way, you have to perform in a certain way and within certain rules. And what anyone does on that field reflects on everybody. And off the field. And that's why we all focus so much on these are the standards we want to meet and let's meet them."